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Buying or selling a home is an important decision that involves a lot of investment and effort. Keeping up with the current regulations and dealing with the estate agents can be tough. Lowick McKay Solicitors will help you throughout the process. Get expert advice and assistance from start to finish of your purchase or sale. Contact us today and discuss your residential conveyancing requirement.

Are you buying or selling in Greater Manchester?

Some of our services:

  • Ownership transfer

  • Equity transfer

  • Re-mortgages

  • High speed conveyancing

  • Email, phone, postal updates

  • Local market knowledge

  • Cost-effective solutions

  • Remortgaging services

  • Sales, lease extensions

Why choose Lowick McKay Solicitors?

Do you need a dedicated team to assist you during the purchase or sale of your property in Manchester? Our qualified solicitors will assist you. You can relax while we handle your property requirements efficiently. Get in touch with Lowick McKay Solicitors for complete details and quotes.

Professional property conveyancing

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